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How we work

We’ve made the process simple, transparent and fast.
Taking a 4 step process to install confidence in our customers.

Step 1

We offer free initial advice, this gives you the opportunity to find out more about who we are and how we operate. We seek to understand what you’re looking to achieve. Then we work backward from your goal to find you the best policy to help you achieve this.

Step 2

Once we’ve collected enough information, we’ll spend some time internally analysing your situation. If it’s a simple requirement this could take an hour. If it’s a bit more complex, we may take a day while we discuss your situation with a number of our partners.

Step 3

We then liaise back with you our plan for your project. We talk you through the many benefits and seek to find a mutual agreement, in which you feel confident, and happy to proceed with our plan.

Step 4

We then implement your agreement by working closely with our third parties, staying in contact with you throughout the entire process. Once the agreement is finalised, we’ll follow up with you to ensure that everything is aboveboard.

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Why choose Lewinski & Smith?

Expertly positioned to help you with all things finance, insurance and property related 24/7.

  • The UK's leading lending partner to foreign nationals.
  • A commitment to delivering the lowest prices available.
  • A focus on building relationships, offering valuable free advice & guidance.
  • Regulated by The FCA & Member of The NACFB.
  • We're available to take your call at your own convenience.
  • Agreements designed uniquely around your own needs..
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